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Volusion shopping cart software is packed with useful features to automate your entire business. From building & managing your website, to processing orders, to marketing and even creating your own affiliate program... you'll find Volusion to be your ONE complete INTEGRATED solution.


  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Analytics, Reporting & ROI
  • Completeley Customizable
  • Advanced Inventory System
  • Built-In Marketing Tools
  • Import/Export
  • Automated Drop Shipping
  • Order & POS System
  • 5-Tier Affiliate System Advanced
  • Shipping Options

  • Customer Reviews

    rating  My experience with Volusion

    Reviewer: Steve

    I've been using VOLUSION storefront/cart for quite some time. Unfortunately they can not handle constructive criticism so they kicked me out (banned me from further using their cart)!! Unbelievable, isn't it. Why I decided to use Volusion at that time in 2003 because I liked the neat design of it and the guys made many promises to me (many of those promises they kept, in fact, but the point is not in promises). Despite some nasty bugs (which they said they will fix) I decided to go with Volusion (ex - Store2003 at that time). I submitted dozens and probably hundreds of suggestions that some of them were successfully implemented in Volusion cart/storefront/back-office. Further the things started not going well as a number of errors, bugs was overwhelming causing a lot of business loss, loss of sales and customers. Many of their customers complained about the bugs and errors, but nothing got fixed. Their support is fast and responsive usually (but no phone support available) and they fix some bugs quickly, but those bugs and errors and preoblems keep reappearing and some stuff never gets fixed. Products behave strangely suddenly HIDDEN products are allowed to be ordered by a customer or an in stock product disappears and many other mysterious bugs and errors happen. One error messsed my 3000 products causing me to fix them for 3 weeks! I started getting phonecalls from customers that they can not access my cart or that they can not get their orders thru checkout process (due to cart timing out), their carts started timing out and there were (are) a lot of OUT OF MEMORY (memory leak) errors and the cart is extremely slow at times. All the problems added up and of course the frustration caused me to constructively criticise their cart and send suggestions and requests to fix those problems. I even created a yahoogroup and gathered some of Volusion customers into a (closed to the public, but merchants could join easily) discussion forum. Volusion were unhappy that I was running a semi-public forum posting all the erors in there, sharing ideas and opinions with their customers, - other merchants that were using or just testing Volusion cartfront (storefront+cart). All the members of that yahoogroup told me they loved my "hard facts" and posts which helped them a lot as they wrote. Volusion on several occasion told me by phone that I'm hurting their business by posting all these errors, bugs in a semi-public forum for their customers to see. (Therefore now I purchased a cart that has a PUBLIC forum and welcomes any kind of criticism and suggestions and has no problems with that.) So finally Volusion gave me a notice to "sahut up" or get kicked out. I did not man to leave, but it was to painful to move out and move in with 3000 different products. And Volusion waited for that day when I set all my 3000 products in their cart (I was leasing it) and then they "punished" me by kicking me out while I just completed my move into their cart! So I "calm down" for some time, but once the problems did not go away and the cost to lease Volusion cart is very very expensive and the cost to purchase it is outrageously high (like a very good used car) (I think thanks a lot to Volusion customers' suggestions Volusion cart implemented some good features, but their code remains very weak), so I started posting problems, errors, bugs, opinions of mine to a yahoogroup (that I still owned) again and then they gave me 1 month to vacate their cart which I said it is way to little time to move out with 3000 different products, find another cart and move in with 3000 diff. products. I needed at least 4-6 months for that. They insisted on 1 month, but they told me if I give up the yahoogroup and transfer ownership to Volusion they would give me one extra month to leave. Well, I had to agree with that as I needed extra time (in hopes I'll make a move in 2 months), so I transferred ownership of the abovementioned yahoogroup to Volusion (unfortunately despite protests from other members) and now actually I realised that 2 months were not enough, I'm still in a process of transferring my products and I need an extra month or two, but Volusion despite promises to extend for a few more days is cutting my access to my database and products in Volusion cart just in a couple days time. That will cause a lot of business loss for me. I am unable to FTP all my products and data onto my computer. Something causes FTP to shut down and Volusion is not responding my emails and requests to help me send my data into my computer. So I'd like to share my story with everyone else. Now about Volusion code: one programmer wrote that there is a memory leak problem in the Volusion cart-front. He says memory leaks shouldn't happen, even with a newbie programmer. He figures the cart was developed by someone not experienced but just kept layering functions and never went back and corrected. I remember when I was adding shipping methods and entering country codes into Volusion fields and then after I saved that all those codes never held in there and after I accessed them again those country codes were gone, so there was a problem with saving and keeping the data where it was posted. The code of Volusion is very weak and needs to be completely rewritten and probably completely redesigned. Volusion cart-front is to complicated to use and is not well integrated with many payment processors. I was never able to use Linkpoint normally with it. There are many failures processing credit cards, getting orders checked out and failures., bugs and errors in many other areas of their cart-front. I'm actually glad I was forced to leave though I may need to claim business loss due to them "kicking" me out to early without letting me move out completely. So my opinion on Volusion - nice neat basic design in some areas like checkout and cart itself, but that's all good about it. Carts for you: In fact I made a research on hundreds of carts and I found that ZenCart (free open source cart-front, better than OsCommerce, but all the extra modules makes it difficult to install) and SunShop (very affordable 98% open source cart-front) tops the market today. I'm not sure about leased carts though, try maybe though I noticed some misspellings in their cart which may mean carelessness in the code a well. To be honest I think your best bet today if you don't mind runing a cart on your own server (they can install it for you) and purchasing it for less than 3% (!!!) of the total purchase cost of Volusion cartfront is : SunShop. I'm not associated with SunShop, but for less than 3% of Volusion purchase cost you can get SunShop which has a very neat design, many features (more being added) and they have a public forum for you to post bugs and suggestions at. Plus you can call them toll free. I think SunShop TOPS THE MARKET today, especially in their price range ($189).

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