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WordStream Announces New SEO Toolset

Wordstream recently released a suite of seo tools called “WordStream for SEO”. Wordstream for SEO features a set of keyword reasearch and content authoring tools to help writers create search engine optimized, “keyword focused” content. To be more specific WordStream for SEO helps enhance your search engine optimization efforts with better:

  • Personalized Keyword Research: By mining your site’s own historical query data, you’re able to discover relevant, proven keyword opportunities that searchers have used to find your site
  • Keyword Analytics: Instead of keyword tool “guesstimations,” WordStream…

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authorJarrod Hunt 

Interspire Email Marketing Software Review

Interspire’s Email Marketer software is a full fledged web based email marketing software with all the bells and whistles. As with any email marketing software there are some features that are an absolute must and there are features that are “just nice to have”. Interspire’s solution has all of the features that most small and medium sized businesses would need, and a large list of optional features that most businesses want.

Here are just a few features that I’ve found useful in the past that are included in Interspires offering:

authorJarrod Hunt 

Top 10 Google Applications to Help Improve Your Productivity – Part 2

In my last article I brought you 5 of my top 10 favorite Google applications for improving online productivity. These are free apps that I use on a daily basis and I’ve found my productivity has improved.

So without further delay, here are my top 5 favorite Google apps for productivity:

5 – Google Reader

I think one of my biggest productivity gains came when I switched to Google reader from my other feed reader.

For one, it’s a much more streamlined reader then most. Plus it gives me more ability to group my feeds using tags, and scan them much more quickly. I’ve found that I’ve saved over an hour a day…

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authorRob Sullivan 

Top 10 Google Applications to Help Improve Your Productivity – Part 1

If you are a web worker as I am, your time is precious. If you don’t work you don’t get paid. As such you need to be as productive as you can. That being said there is room for other things as well.

Plus, if you are like me, you work from more than one computer which can make it difficult to have all your settings and “stuff” on both computers.

But this is where Google can be quite helpful. If you aren’t as concerned about privacy then Google can be quite helpful at not only helping you get organized, but also helpful for keeping you productive and connected.

These are 5 of my favorite Google applications:

10 – Google History

I know many privacy conscious users…

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authorRob Sullivan 

The Cart of Zen

If you operate an e-commerce enabled website you may have already researched your options for a shopping cart solution.

There are many great commercial and free solutions, from ProStores on the paid side to Zen Cart on the free side. In addition to these two there are literally dozens of other options.

In this review we look at Zen cart to help you determine if it is right for you.

Benefits of Open Source Software

There are many reasons people chose open source over other options. The first and most obvious is cost. As with other open source…

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authorRob Sullivan 

Managing your Online Brand with Social Networking

Many times whether you are a blogger or a business owner, your name comes under fire. Or sometimes someone with the same name as you has a less-than-desirable history. In either case it is important to know how to manage your brand online, to ensure that any negativity which could be associated with your name is mitigated.

Today we look at three sites which can not only help you manage your brand but also increase your reach, potentially leading to new customers or even friends.

Social Networking, not just for kids anymore

While it is true that kids and teens seemed to be the first to jump onto the social networking bandwagon (even before it was known as social…

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authorRob Sullivan 

ProStores E-commerce System: Worth the Monthly Fee?

There are many shopping cart systems out there. From paid ones, such as the ProStores system to open source ones such as Zen-cart. And while many people like the fact that open source software is generally free, they don’t like the fact that there isn’t an organized support system available.

On the other hand, while there is organized support for commercial systems one has to decide if paying for such a system is right for them.

In this review we look at one of those paid systems – ProStores.

After you create your ProStores account and log in you are…

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authorRob Sullivan 

Reinvigorate Your Website's Analytics

There’s a new web analytics player in the market. One that has some interesting features not found in any other analytics program available.

It’s name is reinvigorate and it offers a few features not found with other web based analytics packages.

Reinvigorate is still a beta product so you need an invitation. Getting an invitation is fairly simple, just go to their home page and click on “beta registration.” Provide the necessary information and within a couple days you should receive an invite.

Once you receive your invitation link, log in and provide your website details along with your preferred login. Then tag…

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authorRob Sullivan 

Optimize your Moveable Type Blog Quickly and Easily

The Moveable Type blogging platform has been one of the most flexible and easy to install platforms for some time.

And soon there will be an open source version which means that even more people can begin to realize the power of Moveable Type. Therefore I thought it would be timely and prudent to write a “how-to” on optimizing a Moveable Type blog so that more of your content can be found easier through the search engines.

The method I describe here is what has worked for me, however the system is flexible enough that you can play with it to find something that works for you should you find these instructions not…

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authorRob Sullivan 

21 Reasons Why You Do NOT Need Web Analytics

If you believe Web Analytics is overrated and your business could succeed without Web Analytics, then you’re absolutely correct. Below are 21 reasons why you don’t Web Analytics integrated into your online campaign.

  • You don’t want to know where your visitors are coming from.

  • You don’t care how much time visitors spend on your website.

  • Most popular products? Who cares, you already know what your customers want.

  • Tracking hits is perfectly sufficient.

  • Dead Content? There can’t be any dead content on your site.

  • Site overlay is overrated because you can pretty much guess which links…

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authorRob Sullivan 


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